Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible about your idea. We will contact you and agree on further details.
    If you need parking, please let us know. We can provide up to 3 parking spaces for you.
    Please note that this is a historic listed area in the center of Prague, where a number of limitations need to be taken into account. Therefore, we cannot recommend the building for noisier events.
    Representative premises are located on the 1st floor, lift is available.
    The section rental also includes access to sanitary facilities, preparatory and dressing rooms.
    Select package
    Section A includes: Blue Lounge, Red Lounge, Green Lounge, Music Hall
    Price: 25.000 CZK + VAT/ 40.000 CZK + VAT (until 6pm / whole day)
    Section B includes: Blue Lounge, Red Lounge, Dining Room
    Price: 15.000 CZK + VAT/ 25.000 CZK + VAT (until 6pm / whole day)
    Section A + B
    Price: 35.000 CZK + VAT / 49.000 CZK + VAT (until 6pm / whole day)
    Section ASection BSection A+B
    Order additional spaces for a welcome drink - maximum time 1 hour (Courtyard 8.000 CZK + VAT/1 Hour, Museum 10.000 CZK + VAT/1 Hour)


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